Not Sure What To Do With Paperwork? Why Use A Document Shredding Service

If you haven't added document shredding to your commercial recycling program, now's the time to do that. You might think that handling your own document disposal is the best way to go, but that's not the case. There's a better way. Read the list provided below and find four great reasons to use a document shredding service instead. 

Keep Documents Away From The Public

If your business processes a lot of documents, the last thing you want to do is toss them in the trash can. You might not realise this, but once your bins go to the street, they're public property. That means people can dig through your rubbish whenever they want. Unfortunately, that means that those same people have access to private information. The best way to keep those documents away from the public is to hire a document shredding service. 

Ensure Effective Privacy Compliance

If your business documents contain personal information about your customers, you have a duty to maintain their privacy. The government regulates privacy laws regarding confidential information. That means you could face fines and penalties if customer information falls into the wrong hands. But, you could also face lawsuits from your customers. This is especially true if your data breach results in identity theft. To ensure the utmost privacy compliance, be sure to hire a document shredding service. 

Clear Up Office Storage Space

If you've got boxes of documents lying about the office, it's time to change the way you handle outdated paperwork. Storing documents like that can cause a variety of problems. First, the boxes take up vital space in your office. Second, the boxes create a trip-and-fall hazard for your employees. Finally, the boxes increase your fire and pest risks. The best way to eliminate the problem is to have your documents shredded on a regular basis. That way, you don't have any boxes to worry about. 

Save On The Office Expenses

If you're not using a document shredding service, you could be spending more on your office expenses than you'd like to. If you're sending your boxed documents to a storage facility, you're spending money on storage fees each month. Those storage fees can add up over the course of a year. If you're shredding documents in the office, you're paying for equipment upkeep. You're also paying an employee to spend valuable time shredding documents. Luckily, you can reduce those expenses. You can use a document shredding service instead. They'll shred all those documents for you. Plus, they'll dispose of the documents as well.