4 Things to Know When Looking for a Scrap Metal Dealer

Recycling scrap metal from your business or home is always a step in the right direction. You not only help conserve the environment, but you also get rid of clutter and earn some money for your trouble. If you have decided to recycle, the first thing you need to do is find a scrap metal dealer. Here are some tips on how to go about that and what to look for.

What type of metal do they collect?

One of the most crucial things to find out about your recycler is what types of metal they buy. Many will take ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Others will only deal with one or the other. Ferrous metal contains iron and can rust. It includes steel (except stainless steel) and cast iron. Non-ferrous metal includes aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, stainless steel and others. If you are looking to sell domestic waste, find out about miscellaneous scrap like cars, fridges, appliances and so forth.

What prices will you get for your scrap?

Scrap metal is not waste. It's still valuable as it will be smelted back to valuable metal which will be re-used. Every scrap dealer has their price per kilogram of waste. However, note that these prices change daily depending on the prices of metal in international markets. When seeking quotes, therefore, check with all your prospects on the same day to get a fair comparison depending on that day's trading.

What's the minimum load accepted?

Different recyclers have different policies. There are some that only deal with bulky loads such as 500 kg and above. These target businesses with heavy metal waste. However, there are other recyclers that will take any amount of metal waste you have. Find out what loads of scrap metal your prospective dealers work with and see it fits with your situation.

What are the removal arrangements?

Even if you have a one-time load from a demolition or a renovation, transportation is always a concern due to cost. Some dealers will offer free transport and others will charge a fee. Others will require you to deliver your scrap to their depot. Other dealers will provide you with a bin for easier collection. Find out what removal plans your dealer has in place.

Once you have an agreement in place with your scrap metal dealer, your recycling plan will start to fall into place. Remember that having close proximity to a recycler is a big plus due to logistics, especially when dealing with bulky metal waste or frequent deliveries to and from your premises/work place. With that in mind, start your search by looking for scrap metal recycling centers near you.