The Top Benefits of Metal Recycling

Metal is a malleable material used worldwide to make many things that we use every day, including vehicles, construction materials, medical apparatuses, watches, phones, farming equipment and household items. Once metallic objects outlive their primary use, you can easily recycle them because they have unique features. Some of the most suitable recyclable metallic materials include copper, aluminium, lead and steel.  The recycling industry has become crucial in today's world. People should consider metal recycling as part of their daily life because the process has many benefits, which include the following: [Read More]

What Are the Most Common Uses of Recycled Copper Scrap?

Copper is one of the most recycled metals in the country. This is because copper has qualities that make it ideal for diverse applications. The metal conducts heat and electricity, which makes it very handy in the home. It resembles gold in colour and does not corrode easily, which is why it is common to find it in jewellery. The best quality that copper has is that it can be recycled completely without losing any part of its quality. [Read More]

Tips On How To Make More Money From Scrap Metal Recycling At Home

Scrap metal recycling is an environmentally positive trend that everyone should be practising. One of the benefits of recycling at home is that you get to earn some money any time you sell scrap metal to a recycling outlet. However, did you know that there are ways to make more money from your scrap metal? Read on to see how. Collect scrap metal and sell in bulk If you usually collect scrap metal on a regular basis and sell every week or month, you can increase your returns by hoarding your collection and selling in bulk. [Read More]

Five Critical Connections You Need to Optimise Your Metal Collection Efforts

Selling scrap metal to a recycling centre can be an effective way to earn extra cash, but if you want to optimise your experience, you need the right connections. Wondering who can help you find more metal to recycle? Check out these ideas: 1. Electricians Consider making a mass mailing and reaching out to electricians in your area. Electricians often replace wiring, and they may end up removing copper wiring. In your letter, let them know that you can pick up their scrap metal wires for free, and provide your contact information for them. [Read More]